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Intro & A Gamer from 90’s

I am technically born in 1989 but I can officially claim to be a 90’s kid cause we pretty much don’t remember what we did till we are 3 years old. Not that we did pretty much or anything usefull. Those memories are beautifully engraved in the minds of our parents, siblings and other relatives and friends, not mine. I remember very little  of my early years, I used to be fascinated by anime (never knew they had another name for Japanese cartoons until later)  and cartoons.

I would have a lot to say about my life but I am probably going to stick to computers and computer games here as its my first blog entry.

Yes computer’s, to a small boy is always a machine to entertain him. I assure you it hasn’t changed much from my experience with my nephew, Adithya. I used to play games on the computer, learnt a few DOS commands because of that. My nephew on the other hand uses the smartphone and computer like a pro. He knows about the animated stories in Youtube, he too plays games like me (but was never hooked to any games like me). He knows how to use WhatsApp and he was the one who introduced my family to group video calling. We can videocall with 8 members now. For small family meetings and friends its perfect. Guess now I’m turning into a dinosaur.

My favourite games as a kid would be Rambo, Vikings, Prince and Dyna(Bomber man). Even though I didn’t cross many levels in these games they were addictive. These were arcade games, there are several others like PAC-MAN, brick break, tetrix, donkey kong and many others. I don’t remember playing them all. But that was the start it was a set of unending entertainment, I got hooked. Then came Wolf3D (Castle Wolfenstein) that a single player game better graphics and game play. I am sure this game built the single player shooter game industry. It brought the human touch to games. There are several games which came later like Doom, Halo, Quake, Ultimate Tournament and others which advanced the game play in graphics and game complexity.

I was introduced to SEGA and NINTENDO later this brought about a new challenge as we played these games on telivision and we needed to use a game controller. Remember Contra, Mario, Pokemon, Street fighter, Tekken. Never owned one, had to play on friend’s consoles. It was one of those items which made me jealous of him. Not going into the details as these are not computer games. Though we have VGA simulators by 2000’s which enabled us to play on computers. Like we have Bluestacks (got to know abt it in 2014) which help us use any Google Play mobile application on the pc for free.

The strategy games era was in between, I started with klotski. That was pure puzzle. The strategy games really started for me with AOE(Age of empires), It really built the Microsoft Game industry. They made part 1 and I believe the latest is 8 or 9. Age of mythology, Egypt were other noteworthy mentions. Though there are now much better alternatives like WarCraft, WorldWar and many others.

Racing games was another trend that started later who can forget RoadRash, NFS (NFS Most  Wanted in particular), Midtown Madness, Mostertruck Madness, Asphalt.

These games led to the GTA Franchise(Grand Theft Auto) I believe which was a combination of a lot of action and tasks.

Then came a wave of RPG’s, there are a lot but the games but the last i played would be Leage of Legends.

I would be doing injustice not mentioning these games Cat, Tank, PinBall, Minesweeper, Claws, Aladdin, Tom and Jerry. There are hundreds more games which I played on PC, or mobiles (during its evolution from cell phone to smart phone). Lot more would come to my mind if I take the time to go time traveling back and forth through google search. But I am going to stop.

As you can see from the above matter that I have spent considerable part of my life on playing these games. But now I am playing only chess on Chess.com. As I realised the trends will keep changing and new games will always come up and old ones may die in popularity. I am 30 now, too old for games. Too much time spent on gaming, it had its highs and lows. I motivated me and demotivated me too. But the time I spent isn’t coming back. I cannot put these games on my resume. Most computer games do not actually promote teamwork as they claim. Teamwork builds ones aptitude in a particular field or skill set. We may have won a lot of games but none of them have for me created a lasting memory or a sense of achievement or self discovery. My advise, leave games to game developers, game bloggers/vloggers and professional gamer  as they are the only ones earning from it. Those games don”t stand the test of time. Its only a phase of our life.. Play games that creates an interaction between people helps share ideas, have a good laugh at the end. Don’t turn it into an addition.