Day 1 : 27 April 2021

Budha under the Bodhi Tree

My Goal: A start

“No matter how hard the past is, you can always begin again.”

– Buddha

I don’t know if this applies in the present situation after COVID-19 and all. But I have no more options and no one is bothering me about marriage and jobs. I am at peace now much like buddha under the bodhi tree. He found clarity there I am hoping to find my clarity now.

I always wanted to be a programmer and I don’t think I can stop now. I want to work in IT. I don’t know why. IT’s stuck in my head. It was always been my goal and my destination. But as I grew up it has turned into a huge industry and a lot of students aspire to work in the IT industry.

I want to be a programmer. I just wanted to make programs or support my team in the firm or company I was working. A gear cog in the mechanism, I don’t desire greatness.

But I do wish I had things which every modern youth enjoys – a bike, a job and a gang of friends.

I thought I was in the right track but all the while until now I was deviating away from my destination.

Well this is a start and well I plan on writing a blog everyday from today.

See you later,


Love Hari